A question I always get asked is, “where did you get your frames?”, I chuckle, then have to fess up that they are not real glasses and they came from Claire’s, lol  Even once when I was on a date and the gentlemanly caller asked how long I had been wearing glasses, again I had to fess up and say they were not real. 

Most people think I am crazy for wearing glasses when I do not need them, but that’s not really the case.  I do NEED them, I need them to put on when I am not wearing makeup! I think frames on me A suit me and B make a casual outfit look pulled together.  Not to mention I think of these glasses as an accessory just like earrings or rings, and I wear them just as such, an addition to an outfit.

I have 5 or 6 pairs, here they are!

Don’t be ashamed to wear something that you don’t need!  Try on a pair of clear frames, see if they suit you.  Try dark frames, light frames, TRY THEM ALL!

But I guess now my secret is out officially, I do not need glasses, but YES I wear them!  lol

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