For those of you that know me really well, you know that I am NOT a baker.  I have much patience in my everyday life but when it comes to 30mins prep, 30mins to bake, and 30mins to cool, I lose all patience.  Something about baking is just not for me, cooking yes, and baking no.

So when I came across these two baking ideas I thought hmmm... could I become a baker?  And what cool apron could I wear?  Then I remembered the heat outside and the heat of the oven and having no A/C and said no! HaHaHa

But still, these items would be great ideas!  The cupcake tin would be great to bake and bring to people for a party or to make for special occasions.  And these cookie bowls, which I think is a great double use for a muffin tin, would be great with vanilla ice cream in them.  Who doesn’t love cookies n’cream, literally!   
Check out their links for more product details and recipes.

{ William Sonoma}


Hope these inspired you do some baking; proceed only if you have A/C!

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  1. if you ever need a cake pan just let me know, I have quite the collection of course many of them are boy oriented, dinosaurs, old cars & trains, they are so much fun,