I often imagine what I want to be when I grow up, at least I do.  Although my path is very much still in the dark I know I want to look like Kate Winslet.  Her looks, her aura, and her style are everything I can hope to look like when I grow up.

She is currently the face of Lancôme and American Luxury Apparel line, St. John.  St. John just released their behind the scenes video from the Fall 2011 campaign featuring Kate.  WOW.  Even if you watch the video on mute it’s the most beautiful thing.  The clothes are perfection and ooze class and desire.  And Ms. Winslet is the epitome of what a woman in her 30’s in my opinion should look like.  I want to be her in this video.

Please enjoy the 5 minute video below, and appreciate Kate and the quality of what 
St. John’s brings to the fashion table.  
Also expand the video to get a better view of what I am talking about :)

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