I had a shoe’gasm the other night in Aldo.  I had seen them on their website but needed to see and feel how they were in person.  I fell in lurve.  Everyone please meet, {Capecoral}.

However I currently have no where to wear them and this makes me sad.  Earlier this year I did make a promise to myself I would stop buying sky-scraper high heels, which I adoringly call ‘date shoes’; they are only easy to wear to the car, into the restaurant, back to the car and then home. Lol But I saw these and thought ‘maybe I can make an exception’ they are approx 7 inches in height, which makes me, 6'2 tall; but I was good, and I left without buying the shoes.  Talk about visa restraint!  I know the minute they go on sale they will be mine!!! 

Something else to note, these Capecoral shoes are as close to the ‘Daffodil’ pumps by Christian Louboutin that I will ever get.  Ahhh, a girl can dream.


  1. OH MY GOD THESE ARE GORGEOUS! i would buy them in a heartbeat, but sadly i would also have no where to wear them :(

  2. Its the worst when you find something you love and have no money to JUST buy them for no reason at all :(

    Make sure you share my blog with your friends too hun! I need all the viewers i can get :P

  3. I wish I felt comfortable wearing heels cuz those are gorgeous!

  4. they make you super duper tall!! I become a sky-scrapper in them, and i am already tall to begin with!